Dispensing Medicine with the Oral/Enteral Syringe


Instructions for use - QFM63revA


Fit adaptor firmly into the neck of the bottle

Draw back plunger to desired medicine dose mark. Connect syringe to adaptor and push plunger to pressurise the bottle.

Invert the bottle and draw out medicine SLOWLY to required dose mark. Ensure there are NO air bubbles in the syringe, repeat process if necessary.

Shake/tap the syringe to remove any excess medication in or around the tip of the syringe.

Ensure patient is upright before giving medicine. Direct syringe towards inside of cheek.

WARNING: Push in syringe SLOWLY to allow time to swallow. Rapid delivery may cause choking.


The syringe may be used multiple times on the same patient for a maximum of 7 days, after which it should be discarded. After every use the syringe must be cleaned in warm soapy water, and dried before re-use, and then stored in a clean dry lidded container. For immunosuppressed patients or those less than one year old, the syringe may be cold sterilised using a proprietary cold sterilising solution before storage.


The syringe must not be steam-autoclaved or put into boiling water or microwave oven. The syringe should be discarded if the piston becomes very stiff to move in the syringe barrel or if the graduated markings become illegible. Some hospital usage and cleaning procedures may be different. Check with your local authority