Oral/Enteral Syringes

Sterile for Hospital and Home Use

  • The hospital and home environment and the critical condition of many patients, demand that the highest standards of safety are employed. The Oral/Enteral Syringe is supplied as a sterile product for use within hospitals, clinics, and the home. Each syringe is individually packed in a sealed sterile peel-pouch, and is available in a wide variety of sizes from 1mL to 60mL, and Catheter Tip. The new ENFit range is designed to comply with the very latest international standard ISO-80369-3.

    ENFit Oral/Enteral Syringes
    H1501E 1mL Oral/Enteral ENFit Syringe (Sterile) Box/100
    H1502E 3mL Oral/Enteral ENFit Syringe (Sterile) Box/100
    H1505E 5mL Oral/Enteral ENFit Syringe (Sterile) Box/100
    H1510E 10mL Oral/Enteral ENFit Syringe (Sterile) Box/100
    H1520E 20mL Oral/Enteral ENFit Syringe (Sterile) Box/50
    H1560E 60mL OralEnteral ENFit Syringe (Sterile) Box/30
    H1750 60mL Catheter-Tip Syringe (Sterile) Box/30
    ENFit Syringe Accessories
    6800E Enfit Press in Bottle Adaptor (PIBA) – Blue – for bottle necks 17-20mm Box/100
    8800E Enfit Press in Bottle Adaptor (PIBA) – Blue – for bottle necks 18-22mm Box/100
    EN-HT133 Tip Cap for ENFit Syringe Bag/200
    EN-HT133P Tip Cap for ENFit Syringe (individually pouched - unsterile) Box/50
    8800EBULK Enfit Press in Bottle Adaptor (PIBA) – Blue – for bottle necks 18-22mm Bag/1000
    6800EBULK Enfit Press in Bottle Adaptor (PIBA) – Blue – for bottle necks 17-20mm Bag/1000
  • Oral syringe delivery of liquid medications and enteral syringe feeding offers greater accuracy and safety than spoons and cups. The potential dangers of wrong-route administration with the use of IV syringes instead of oral syringes or enteral syringes has long been recognised, as highlighted in various UK and international reports. This brought about the review and standardisation of the design and supply of oral syringes and enteral syringes, to ensure ease of recognition, and non-compatibility with intravenous access devices (needles, cannulae). The latest version ISO-80369-3 is embodied in the ENFit range of Miktell Oral/Enteral Syringes.


    The Oral/Enteral Syringe and associated packaging is designed to meet the requirements and needs of the medical professional and home user; from the demanding world of the hospital intensive care unit to those of the home environment; to medicate, feed, flush, and aspirate.


    • The Oral/Enteral Syringe has a slim low-friction 0-ring seal, instead of a bulky end-piston seal, ensuring a safe, smooth, and accurate operation for either single use in hospital or multiple use at home, minimising contamination of the syringe contents by silicone lubricants and particulates.

    • The ENFit tip (designed to ISO80369-3) is compatible with most enteral feed tubes and devices. A catheter tip design is also available for irrigation and other applications.




    • The Oral/Enteral Syringe has a purple syringe piston for ease of identification, with a four-wing design ensuring full stability even if the syringe is filled to its maximum.

    • The materials used are of medical grade (polypropelene and silicone), chemically inert and latex-free.

    • The syringe scales are screen printed with durable black ink and easy-to-read graduations.

    • The integral piston-stop prevents inadvertent extraction of the piston thereby increasing handling safety.

    • Wide range of syringe sizes 1mL, 3mL, 5mL, 10mL, 20mL, 60mL (60mL also available with catheter tip).

    • Each syringe is individually wrapped in a sealed peel-pouch.

    Patient Safety Alert NHS/PSA/W/2015/004 27 March 2015

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